We Make the Road by Walking – Kids’ Curriculum, 2 of 4

Churches around the world (literally) are using We Make the Road by Walking – in groups, in classes, and many, for a whole year of integrated programming. Here’s an example of how Dominique Nash of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Naples, FL, is adapting the material for her kids’ ministry. More tomorrow:
We Make the Road by Walking for Kids
By Dominique Nash
Week 2- Being Human
Introduction with Children
Say: We are made in God’s image which means we are made like him, to be like him. This means to love like him and care about the same things he does. He made us to be creative and giving. But, we have a choice. Think about your hands. Stretch them out in front of you. What is something kind and creative you can do with your hands? What is something mean and harmful you can do with your hands? How can the same hands do both kind and mean things?
Read Genesis 2:4-25- Use a picture book or a short video clip.
After the story say: We all have choices to make every day. We choose to join God and be like him, or we choose not to. We make these choices everywhere we go, in everything we do, and with everyone we meet.
Prayer (have them repeat after you): Father God, help us use our lives to show others what you are like. Help us to be more like you in every way. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen
For Discussion
1) Who has shown you what God is like? How did they show you?
2) In what ways do you show others what God is like?
Younger Children: Use puppets to act out scenarios. What choices should be made for each one? Allow children to offer solutions.
All Children: Act it out. Have children act out the scenarios included in this lesson. Ask them what choice they should make. What would be the best way to show others what God is like in each situation?
Option 1: Handprint Decoration. At the top of a piece of paper write, “I will use my hands to______(fill in child’s response). Have children trace their hands (or help them trace). Provide stickers, glitter, sequins, markers, etc. to decorate them.
Option 2: Classroom Covenant Banner. At the top of the banner write, “We promise to help each other and to bear the image of God.” Tell them to bear the image of God, means to be like God. Ask them in what ways they are going to be like God in their lives. Write their responses in different areas on the banner. Allow each child to choose a paint color, paint their hand, and place their handprint on the banner. After each child has put their handprint on the banner, gather them in a circle for prayer. Allow them to offer up a prayers for one another
Option 3: (For older children) Hand Chain. Have children fold a piece of construction paper in half vertically and then again horizontally. It should be a small square, but big enough for a hand. Have them trace their hands on the paper making sure their thumb is on the fold. Next, cut the handprint out, but be careful not to cut around the tip of the thumb so that the handprints stay connected. On the first hand, have them write one way they will use their physical strength for good and for God. On the second hand, have them write one way they will use their money for good and for God. On the third hand, have them write one way they will use their time for good and for God. On the fourth hand have them write how they will use their talents for good and for God. Allow them to decorate them when they’re finished.
Activities to Do at Home
1) Discuss ways you, as a family, can be more generous and kind to one another.
2) Read Psalm 8 together. Share your praise reports with each other and thank and praise God for those things.