We Make the Road – Kids’ Curriculum, 3 of 4

Churches around the world (literally) are using We Make the Road by Walking – in groups, in classes, and many, for a whole year of integrated programming. Here’s an example of how Dominique Nash of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Naples, FL, is adapting the material for her kids’ ministry. More tomorrow:
We Make the Road by Walking for Kids
By Dominique Nash
Week 3- A World of Meaning
Introduction with Children
When we talk about loving God and living out that love by loving others and we set out to do that, sometimes we find love to be a hard thing to do. Who has seen a river, a creek or a stream? Tell me about it. Did it go straight?
Pretend this mountain I’m building, this foundation, is your life. God created you and here you are! (Grab rocks with words written on them) These rocks represent the hard things in life, the tough stuff. Feelings we may have, things that happen, or maybe choices we make. (Place rocks on “mountain” one at a time). Things like, ANGER, SADNESS, UNFORGIVENESS, DIVORCE, SICKNESS, DEATH, just to name some of the things that can happen in our lives. Now I have water. This water represents our love for God and his love flowing out of us to others. Watch what happens when I pour it and let it flow (Pour water on top of mountain. After kids watch, ask them what they observed). The water kept flowing even when these things tried to stop it. No matter what may happen in our lives, our love for God and others has to keep flowing. We still choose to love in every way, every day and know that everything is an opportunity to grow closer to God and each other. Just go with the flow!
Read Psalm 145:1-16 in a dramatic way.
Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for your love and the opportunities you give us to love others. Please help us know you more and live like you want us to no matter what happens. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
For Discussion
1) What does Psalm 145 say about God?
2) What does loving God and every day in every way, look like? (have them give real life examples, even simple things)
3) What are some things in your lives that make that hard? What should we do when it’s hard? (pray and read our bible-spend time with God)
Younger Children: Hug a Friend or Give a High FiveFreeze Dance. Every time the music stops, they have to hug a different friend.
**Special Note- “Let Your Love Flow” by the Bellamy Brothers is a good song for Freeze Dance.
All Children: Ping Pong Ball Race. Have 2 to 4 children racing at the same time. Each child will have a spray bottle and have to spray their ping pong ball across the finish line. Talk about if the ball went straight or not. Did it go the way they had planned? Relate that to the lesson and living a life of love.
Another option for the ping pong ball race is to write words that express ways to love on index cards. Laminate them and tape them to the table or floor for the ping pong balls to roll over.
Option 1(for younger children): Make a river and rocks out of paper.
Cut rock shapes out of grey and brown paper. Write words that show love on each rock. Thing like- “nice hands,” kind words,” “share,” “hug,” “give,” “help,” etc.
Have each child make a river on a piece of construction paper.
River Options: Use blue watercolor paint
Have children tear blue construction paper into small pieces and glue on a sheet of paper to form a river.
Glue blue tissue squares on a piece of paper to form a river
Glue paper rocks along river
Option 2: Provide small or medium river rocks and metallic permanent markers. Allow the children to decorate the rocks (if time allows, you can use paint). When they’re finished talk about their struggles in life whether they’re events, feelings, or things they do that aren’t good choices. Have them take a black permanent marker and write one thing on each rock.
If there’s time, have them partner up and build a small mountain out of sand. Supply water in cups. Have them place the rocks on the sand and when they’re finished, they pour the water down from the top.
For younger children- have them write words that show love, as listed above.
Activities to Do At Home
1) Talk about every day ways you choose to love each other. How about others? Could you live out God’s love more?
2) Make a mountain and rocks together. Pray for each other that you will love God and others more no matter what happens.