If you lead or are part of a small group, book study group, or adult Christian education class …

... you may find the new Way of Life study materials just what you need.



Abingdon Press has put together a tremendous resource for a four-week series.


It has 4 components:

  1. A copy of The Great Spiritual Migration, on which the study is based.
  2. A DVD with four 15-minute video segments (you can also livestream these videos) that summarize the content
  3. A Participant Guide (by Maria Mayo) that contains
  • A short summary of the weekly theme
  • A Scripture reflection relevant to that theme
  • Questions for reflection
  • A Personal Response section
  • A Devotional Reflection

4.  A Leader Guide (by Lori Jones) that includes

  • Session Goals
  • Preparation Suggestions
  • Opening Activity & Prayer
  • Detailed resources to lead a meaningful discussion on a 15-minute video
  • Closing Activity & Prayer

This is the best set of resources that have ever been put together for any of my books, so I hope you'll check it out. You can order directly from Cokesbury here.

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“Grace and Friends” Retreat in Florida still on …

My wife, Grace, is teaming up with some good friends to offer a special weekend for women (from any background). Because of Hurricane Irma, they've changed the venue and reduced the price. Whatever your background (religious, spiritual but not religious, etc.), Grace and friends have planned a beautiful weekend of rest, learning, and relationships. You'll learn a new way of listening to your heart & your stories, so you can experience empathy and courage during changing times ... in the company of some amazing women like you.

October 26 - 29, 2017. Marco Island, Florida

Spouses, family members, and friends: this could be a great gift to a woman you love!

For more information and to register, click here.

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Kansas City, North Carolina

Friends - I'll be at Second Presbyterian Church in Kansas City this weekend, and then at Davidson College in North Carolina on the 24th-25th. Click on the links for more information. Hope to see you there!

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Change Your Story!

The sun is setting on our old stories.

Some of us believe that six primary stories shape our lives, claiming to bring about peace and security - domination, revolution, purification, isolation, victimization, and accumulation. In naming them, we begin to notice something: these stories do not work.

They serve to drive us apart, create more suffering, and fail to answer the question of how to make a better world. But there is a Seventh Story, misunderstood and hidden, but available to everyone.

This story upends what we think we know about religion, politics, economics, art, and even storytelling itself.

The Seventh Story Experience is a special event taking place 13th and 14th October 2017, bringing together a community imagining a new story, a conversation about a different way of living that could change the way you see yourself.

I'm co-hosting the event with my friend Irish writer and peace activist Gareth Higgins.

It's an exploration of how humans relate to each other that could end war.

It's 27 hours in a new world. 

And you're invited.

Click here for more information and to register, or go to www.theseventhstory.com

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Here’s what I shared in Pennsylvania

While Irma was bearing down on my house in Florida, I was speaking near Philadelphia at the 300th anniversary of Salford Mennonite Church (if you're looking for a church in the north suburbs, you should check it out!). I based my comments around the theme, "A church will be what its adherents make of it." Here are my slides.

a congregation will be ...

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