How I Can Help with Your Christmas Shopping …

Here are six ways I can help you with your Christmas shopping:


  1. The Great Spiritual Migration is now available in paperback!

You can order from Amazon or BN or any quality bookseller.


2.   Way of Life is also now available - it's a great set of resources for using the Great Spiritual Migration in a four-session book study, small group, or class. It includes a beautifully-produced video introduction to each section of the book,  participants' guide, and leaders' guide.  Watch a short video about the resource here.

You can order from Amazon, BN, Abingdon, or any quality bookseller.


3. Seeking Aliveness is an exciting new release. It's a daily devotional derived from my book We Make the Road by Walking (which would be another great Christmas gift). It provides a one-year overview of the whole Bible - and a fresh (re)introduction to Christian faith - in a format of short daily readings followed by an invitation to prayer, reflection, and action. I think it will make a meaningful gift.

You can order it from Amazon, BN, and any quality bookseller.


4. If you haven't checked out my web content available for download, you'll find excellent options here:

"Is Jesus the Only Way?" is a short e-book (50 pages) - just $3.99 - and offers an in-depth reading of John 14:6, one of the Bible's most oft-(mis)quoted verses.

Songs for a Spiritual Migration is a collection of original songs written for group singing/public worship ... a good gift for a worship leader you know, for $18.

Reading the Bible Afresh comes in two volumes, @ $12.50 each ($25 for both). It provides an audio overview of the whole Bible, from four weekend retreats I taught a few years back.

Storyline of the Bible is also a Bible overview, but presented in 40+ 20 minute podcasts, priced at $15.


5. I wrote 4 e-book novellas ...

The Girl with the Dove Tattoo

The Word of the Lord to Evangelicals

The Word of the Lord to Republicans

The Word of the Lord to Democrats

They're playful, fun, a quick read - and only .99 each!


6. And if you're interested in any of my older books, you'll find links and information here:

Church on the Other Side - my first book, almost twenty years old now ... I often wonder if many churches are just now ready for it.

Finding Faith (re-released as two shorter books, The Search for What Makes Sense and The Search for What is Real) - a book for spiritual seekers and people struggling with doubt.

Trilogy: A New Kind of Christian, The Story We Find Ourselves In, The Last Word and the Word After That - "teaching fiction" that have helped a lot of people rediscover a livable, honest faith.

A Generous Orthodoxy - one of my most influential books.

The Secret Message of Jesus - a great starter book for people interested in my work - it explores the central message of Jesus: the kingdom (reign, commonwealth, dream, or dance) of God.

Everything Must Change - the book I've written that has most changed my own life.

Finding Our Way Again - a book about spiritual practices and the spiritual life.

Naked Spirituality - for people who struggle to pray and want to go deeper spiritually.

A New Kind of Christianity - perhaps my most challenging book theologically, raising ten question that are changing Christian faith.

Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? - a book about Christian identity in a multi-faith world, a deeply important subject in these times.

We Make the Road by Walking - a highly readable overview of the Bible, and actually, a "kit" for a year of small group, house church, sermons, etc.



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A reader writes: how change happens

This encouraging note from a reader exemplifies how change happens. May this example inspire you!
Dear Brian;  I have just begun your new book, The Great Spiritual Migration, given to me by our pastor, who attended a workshop or conference with you as the main presenter recently.
I told her before she left that you were one of my favorite authors, having read a number of your books.  She brought back this book (which, in fact, had a personal greeting from you).

I thought it likely to be as interesting and challenging as your previous books have been.  I did not expect it to be so fantastic and inspiring.   This may be because my wife and I were where you so clearly describe you may have been earlier in life.

We went to a number of churches here in North Carolina, trying to find a place that focused on the love of Jesus rather than politics or money or contemporary vs. traditional music.  About 4 years ago, we just gave up and thought we would continue our volunteer work at a couple of crisis ministries to the poor and homeless and just ‘do’ church rather than become a part of one.
Thankfully, my Executive Director at my crisis ministry recommended a local United Methodist church. She also said the church was one of the most generous and giving, as well as non judgmental, churches she knew.  And are we glad she did.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with any more details, other than to tell you that we were, especially me, where so many self righteous Christians were for many years regarding  gay and lesbian folks.  They were such sinners—until we had a Bible study with a couple of gay guys who demonstrated the love of Jesus and care for our family crises more than anyone we had ever met.  Until one of my Intake Managers, who just celebrated 10 years of marriage to her loving partner, showed me such love for the poor and down and out as I’ve ever seen.  Not only that, but she and her wife had as a ministry to take in foster babies until more long term homes could be found.

Meanwhile most of our friends who belonged to a large Southern denomination railed against the evil homosexual movement and were instrumental in keeping North Carolina as ‘pure’ state against gay marriage.  Somehow, l couldn’t see Jesus condemning the four wonderful gay people we knew while putting a stamp of approval on the vitriol and disgust displayed by so many of our ‘more holy’ friends.

So, thank you again for not only an entertaining and challenging book, but for letting us see another couple who were just where we were, but who now (as we hope we do) put the love that Jesus called us to display into action on a daily basis.

Blessings on you and your whole family

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What I Shared in LaVerne CA

I enjoyed meeting some beautiful Christian leaders from the Church of the Brethren in CA last week. Here's what I shared ...

beatitudes withness

gospelnarrative copy


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Friends in Florida – I’m in DeLand this weekend

I hope you'll consider joining me Friday and Saturday ... Information here:

Hope to see you soon!

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A request for help –

With my friends Irish writer Gareth Higgins, illustrator Heather Harris, and The Porch Magazine, I'm working on an exciting new project.
At the center of the project is a beautiful children's book - that is also a picture book for adults. It explores six stories of harm and fear that dominate our lives - and points to a seventh story of peace. The book will be called Cory and the Seventh Story.
Here's an illustration from the book ...
There'll be a website, local events, community circles, and additional resources that flow from this.
For the children's/adult picture book, we've decided on an unconventional approach - instead of an established publisher, we're going to crowdfund to help nurture community support for the ideas in the book, and to make it more immediately accessible.
So here's how you can help: we're asking for input from those of you who have experience with successful crowdfunding campaigns - Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other platform that has worked for you. If you have advice for us, we would greatly appreciate it.
If you have experience running a successful crowdfunding campaign, and could donate a few hours to help us put a campaign together, please email us through the contact page on The Porch website.
And if you don't have crowdfunding experience but want to know more, sign up to The Porch newsletter at the site, and we'll keep you in touch with everything Porch-related - including this children's book.
Thank you, friends. The Seventh Story is real. Let's learn and live it together!

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