What I Shared in Eden Prairie MN

What a pleasure to speak with Rozella Haydee White at Church Anew on the subject of CHANGE (ALMOST) EVERYTHING! Special thanks to the excellent hosts at St. Andrew's ELCA ...

change (almost) everything

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What I Shared in Holland MI

It's always a special pleasure to speak to high school students ...


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A pastor/theologian writes …

A pastor/theologian recently sent me this note ...

Just want to drop you a quick note that I'm being uplifted reading Galapagos! I'm definitely a square box person (:-)) who occasionally spends time enjoying and celebrating God's good creation. And so it's a treat for me to share in your spiritual journey to the Galapagos, inspiring me to spend more time doing so. Once again, too, your work is brimming with fresh theological insight that feeds my square box activities. I've been reading a lot of Naomi Klein and economics lately and seeking to bring concern for the climate-change crisis more fully into my faith and practice. Galapagos has been a true gift to these efforts.

Deep thanks once again for your ongoing work -- not only your writing but also the ways in which the faith and practice behind your writing shines through as an example for all of us.

You can learn more about the book here: https://brianmclaren.net/books-by-brian-mclaren/


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What I Shared in North Carolina (Kanuga)

Thanks to the amazing folks at Medicine and Ministry for a rich time with a warm and inspiring group of people ...


Here are my slides:

adventure - paul tournier

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What I Shared in Calgary

Thanks to the amazing team from Wisdom Centre, Hillhurst United Church, and St. Laurence Anglican ... and to all who came to the events last weekend. Here are slides from my talks. If you're interested in my books, check

here: https://brianmclaren.net/books-by-brian-mclaren/


and here: https://brianmclaren.net/store/


Friday night:

rewilding christianity


Session 1:

do i stay christian? no (pdf)


Session 2:

do i stay christian - yes (pdf)


Session 3:

do i stay christian - how? (stages)


Session 4:

do i stay christian - futures (pdf)


My sermon from Sunday:

acts 16 calgary



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