We Make the Road by Walking: Curriculum for Kids (1 of 4)

Churches around the world (literally) are using We Make the Road by Walking – in groups, in classes, and many, for a whole year of integrated programming. Here’s an example of how Dominique Nash of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Naples, FL, is adapting the material for her kids’ ministry. More tomorrow:
We Make the Road by Walking
Week 1- Awe and Wonder
Introduction with children
Say: God created everything. As we look around and we take the time to see the things around us, we see what great works God has done and is doing. With all that he created, God also created you and me. He created all of us, on purpose, for a reason. God said, “Let there be ___(child’s name)______. And God saw that is was good. (repeat with other children). Out of everything in the whole world, God has chosen all of us, yes even you and me, to show the world who God is and has invited us to live in and enjoy all of his amazing creation.
Read Genesis 1:1-2:3- Use a felt board or a picture book for kids. Interactive option: Print out several copies of pictures of each day of creation. Assign one day to seven groups of children. Have them hold up the picture of their day as you’re reading about it. Have the group say, “And it was good” as a group, after you read each day.
After the story is told say, God created all things. He created us and he loves us. Pay attention to and enjoy the world around you, the things and the people. Know you are here on purpose.
Prayer (have them repeat after you): Dear God, thank you for all you have made. Thank you for my life. Help me take the time to enjoy all you have given us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
For Discussion
1) What are some things God has created that you already enjoy?
2) What is something God created that you want to know more about?
For younger children: Sit down on the floor in a circle and have them roll the ball to each other. When they roll the ball to a friend have them say, God made_____(friend’s name)_________ . Then the group says. “And saw that it was good!” Repeat until everyone has had a turn.
For older children: Write CREATION on the board. Starting on one side of the room have the first child think of something they’re thankful God made that starts with a C. They’ll say. “I’m thankful God made __________.”The next child will think of something that starts with an R. Keep going until all the letters of CREATION have been used. Repeat if there are more children, but they can’t say the same thing.
Option 1: Make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls. Allow the children to decorate using stickers, coloring them, etc. Take a walk outside and talk about what they see.
Option 2: Use nature stickers (you can find these at a craft store) and create a scene. Have the child draw a picture of themselves in the middle of creation. At the top write: God Made ____(child’s name)____. At the bottom write: And saw that it was good.
Option 3: Make a creation journal. Make copies of the page that is provided. Use a hole punch on the left side and tie together with yarn or ribbon. On the first page, have them draw themselves. Go outside and allow them time to walk, sit, and observe the things they see. Tell them to take the time and look closely, paying attention to details. Have them draw the things they see that interest them. Encourage them to continue this activity at home.
Activities to Do At Home
1) This week take the time to learn about one thing in creation that you want to know more about.
2) As a family, think about God’s creation; think about how He made us, human beings, to show the world what he is like. Read Psalm 19:14. What do you think it means? How does it help you in your life?