Q & R: From an independent fundamental Baptist Bible college grad …

Here’s the Q:

I have been an avid reader of yours ever since my college days at an Independent Fundamental Baptist Bible college. As a junior in college I ran across The Secret Message of Jesus, and it literally changed my life. I had never heard the gospel presented like that before, and the Kingdom of God was something that was never talked about in my circles growing up, unless it was taught to mean “heaven after you die”.
With just the initial glimpse of the Kingdom that your book provided me, my intense nationalism and the political conservatism that had so captivated my faith instantly melted away. (My brother and I used to go to coffee shops just to debate the “liberal hippies”). My opinions on war, militarism, and defense changed too, as I began to see myself as part of a trans-national family of faith.
So here’s the Q: What do you think about police work? While I personally would not feel comfortable joining the military, I have recently begun the process of joining my local police force. While I know there is certainly an element of violence inherrent with police work, ( especially in my city, just rated 3rd most dangerous in US ) I cant help but see it as a platform to serve, protect, and help bring God’s reign to places where it currently isn’t. I think a police officer on mission to love and serve like Jesus could be a beautiful thing. Or are there too many gray areas? I would appreciate your thoughts, but understand how busy you are.
Thank you again for the help you’ve given me in my journey, and for following where you feel our God lead even when you know you will be criticized for it.

Here’s the R:

Thanks for writing. You’ve been on quite a journey! On police work, while some of my strict pacifist friends would disagree, I agree with you. I would just keep in mind the kinds of things John the Baptist said in Luke 3 … things I’m sure you’re already thinking about. Of course there are gray areas in nearly everything we do, and this must keep us alert and humble and eager to “walk in the Spirit” step by step.