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Brian enjoys responding to questions and comments and selects a few for response from time to time. He wishes he could respond to each inquiry, but simply can't due to volume, nor can he provide pastoral care through this website. This site contains a large archive of his previous posts that we hope you will find helpful.

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Brian's 2024-2025 speaking schedule is full, and he plans to take a year off from public speaking in 2026, coinciding with turning 70.

We plan to open his 2027 schedule in mid-2026.

Invite Brian to Speak

Speaking Information

1. In-Person Appearances

Because of the ecological impact of air travel and the ease of appearing online, Brian will be limiting his in-person appearances going forward. Preference will be given to festivals and conventions, pastor/clergy gatherings, college/young adult groups, and multi-faith groups. His publishers are happier if the groups are 250 or larger. Brian tries to schedule at most one international trip per year.

2. Virtual Appearances

Instead of having Brian travel to speak with your group, you can have him address your group via Zoom, Skype, or another online service, Brian can deliver a lecture with visuals, and he can take questions and respond to comments as well. This arrangement saves money (air travel, hotels, etc.), reduces environmental impact, and, when combined with small group interaction and Q & R, can provide a very effective educational experience.

You can inquire about inviting Brian to speak to your group by contacting Laci Scott. Laci will send you a questionnaire along with information about suggested honoraria for in person and virtual appearances. When you contact Laci, please include the following:

  1. Proposed dates
  2. Projected size and make-up of group (pastors/clergy, church members, college students, youth workers, etc.)
  3. Are you interested in an in-person or video-conference option?
  4. What topic(s) would you like him to address? (Check out Brian’s Speaking Topics here.)
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