Links Round-up

Here’s the first of five short conversations I had with David Wilcox at Wild Goose Festival. Great background sounds too!
So much good stuff there at! Travis Reed is the Michael Jordan of video creativity.
For all of us who care seek Pro-Israeli, Pro-Palestinian, Pro-peace, and Pro-justice solutions in the Middle East, Jeff Halper’s recent piece is both enlightening and a call to action …’s-historic-mistake-and-opportunity/
John Van der Laar has written a needed book on worship and liturgy.
The Hour That Changes Everything is a significant starting point for exploring liturgy and how it can impact the Church, and the world, of today. It is well written, well structured and the content is insightful, helpful and practical. You can get more information here:
And the link to the Kindle Store is here:
An Evangelical Social Gospel?
Not only possible – but sensible! Learn more from Tim Suttle’s new book:
Friends Without Borders is LIVE! Learn more – and sign up here:
Just one more reminder to check out Sara Kay’s new CD:
And finally … turtles in the news: