We Make the Road by Walking

Brian’s 2014 release offers 52+ chapters that give an overview of the biblical story and a fresh introduction or re-orientation to Christian faith. Each chapter is written to be read aloud in ten to twelve minutes, and is accompanied by a set of Scripture readings, reflection/discussion questions, and liturgical resources – so the book can be useful in a variety of ways for classes, small groups, new faith communities, and churches. And of course, it’s an inspiring and formative read for individuals too.

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You can view the Preface, Introduction, and first three chapters (including dialogue questions) here: https://www.facebook.com/JerichoBooks/app_137541772984354

The title comes from one of Brian’s heroes, Brazilian educator/activist Paolo Freire. He used this title for a published dialogue between Freire and another seminal educator/activist, Myles Horton, who was an important figure in the Civil Rights Movement in the US. Freire may have derived the quote from the great Spanish poet Antonio Machado:

“Caminante, son tus huellas el camino, y nada más; caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar. Al andar se hace camino, y al volver la vista atrás se ve la senda que nunca se ha de volver a pisar. Caminante, no hay camino, sino estelas en la mar.”
Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road– Only wakes upon the sea. ― Antonio Machado, Campos de Castilla

The title suggests that Christian faith is still “in the making” (as Dr. John Cobb has put it). It continues to grow, evolve, learn, change, emerge, and mature … in and through us. What we will be as Christians in the 21st century, for better or worse, will surely change what Christian faith will be in the 22nd century and beyond.
You can see several short videos about the book at Brian’s Vimeo page.

We Make the Road by Walking 1 from brian mclaren on Vimeo.

This song reflects many themes in the book:

We Make the Road by Walking: Song from brian mclaren on Vimeo.


For basic information on using the book in groups, including syncing up the book with your calendar, start here.

Table of Contents:
You can download a PDF of the Table of Contents here: Download file

Each chapter of We Make the Road by Walking begins with Bible passages referenced and explored in the chapter.

You can download a PDF of the simple lectionary without the complete texts here: Download file
You can download a PDF of the lectionary including complete texts here: Download file This is a large file (140+ single-spaced pages).


You can download a PDF of Appendix 1, Liturgical Resources here: Download file
You can download a PDF of Appendix 2, Guidelines for Learning Circles here: Download file
You can download a PDF of About the Author here: Download file
You can download “Using ‘We Make the Road by Walking'” here:
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You can download a free 80+ page commentary on the book here:
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PARENTS AND OTHERS: You’ll find some amazing ideas for using the book with children here: http://www.geekedoutsoul.com/2014/07/02/kids-make-the-road-by-walking-too-week-1-awe-and-wonder/