Thank you, Laci, Kathy, Wendy, and Katherine!

Laci Scott is my booking agent. She responds to all the requests that come in for me to speak. She arranges my travel. She solves last minute emergencies. She is a godsend, and is downright pleasant and affable whatever befalls. Again and again in 2011, event hosts told me how much they enjoyed working with her. Laci – thanks for another great year! I’m truly grateful for you, for all you do, and for the pleasure of working with you.
Kathy Helmers is my literary agent. Again in 2011, she has given me invaluable guidance in the understanding and functioning in the publishing world, irreplaceable guidance as a writer, and deeply appreciated friendship through it all. Thanks, Kathy, and thanks to everyone at Creative Trust.
Wendy Grisham is my new US publisher at Jericho Books, and Katherine Venn is my publisher at Hodder in the UK. Both are a pleasure to work with and combine professionalism with personal commitment. I’m especially looking forward to being one of the debut authors with the new Jericho label in September 2012, and to touring with Katherine (who is herself a gifted poet) later in 2012 in the UK.