Thank you, hosts!

In 2011, I was warmly welcomed in the following cities:
Montreat, Dallas, Austin, St. Simons Island, Winnepeg, Wilmington, Phoenix, Sacramento, Baltimore, Iowa City, Richmond, Atlanta, Rochester, Boston, Louisville, Nashville, Llandudno, Manchester, Amsterdam, Minneapolis, Mobile, Birmingham, Raleigh, Twickenham, London, Little Rock, Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Columbia, Charlotte, Jackson, Mobile, Palo Alto, DC, West Palm …
(and I was in a few of these cities 2 or 3 times).
Everywhere I went this year, I met fascinating people with tremendous insights and stimulating questions. I was welcomed into warm communities of faith and dynamic conversations. On my way home from every single trip my hope was enriched.
Thanks to all the hosts who arranged hotels, made sure that projectors and screens were available, sold books, made airport runs, took me out for amazing meals and even better conversations, and made me feel welcome and at home. I could not be more blessed, or more grateful.