Q & R: Addressing patriarchy in hymns and worship songs?

The byline says it well - music for a just and generous Christianity!

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My sermon from Festival of Homiletics

And that, I believe, is our opportunity at this critical moment: to model a new way of life, as...

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Want to know why I admire Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse so much?

Each state will suffer in its own way ... and we all will suffer in many ways, especially our...

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Q & R: Seminaries/Graduate Schools

The answer to this important question will depend on whether you are interested primarily in...

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Especially for Pastors …

I suppose the male pattern baldness and greying hair make me appear as if I know more than I really...

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If you love your kids and grandkids …

It's worth investing 5 minutes to educate yourself.

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Study Guide: Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

The content of this book is more relevant than ever.

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