Life After Doom Playlist

If you’re reading or about to read Life After Doom: Wisdom and Courage for a World Falling Apart, here’s a playlist.

This World is So F*d Up, by Michael Franti – the song shows up a few times in the last few chapters of the book – two versions. First the original …

Then this version from Shannon Leigh:


Maybe When We’re Gone, a song I wrote that my friend Fran McKendree recorded shortly before his passing. The “we” in the song are our fellow creatures.


Bruce Cockburn’s Beautiful Creatures, 2 versions … one from Hawksley Workman, one from Bruce:

Here’s Cockburn’s original, with art by Gullerud

You Don’t Have to Know the Way by the Lyndsey Scott (another song mentioned in the book):


Burn the White Flag by Joseph:

Seminole Wind by John Anderson has a special connection for me, as I live on Seminole and Calusa lands.


If you have a song to recommend we add to the playlist, please send it to