Today. Tomorrow.

Today I read this, about yesterday.
(My son-in-law is in the picture – part of the AIDs organization to which the victims were traveling.)
And today I received this, about tomorrow.

It was accompanied by this:

Joel the Aussie Red head poet here. Just thought I’d flick you this new film clip of mine as I thought you might be interested and also because it was really you who was able to put into words for me the concept of the coming new creation when I had no words for it. I had grown up in a conservative, evangelical church and the idea of God’s holistic redemption was totally foreign. But ‘The Story We Find Ourselves In’ was the first time, as a late teen, that I really began to see how holistic God’s dream for his world is. Anyways- just wanted to thankyou! Hope you enjoy….

This is where we walk … between yesterday and tomorrow.