A Reformed elder writes …

A reader writes:

I just read book 3 of the NKOC-trilogy.
The first and second instalment of the trilogy did appeal to me, but more in an intellectual way. Somehow I couldn’t connect to the more personal/emotional level within the narratives.
In the 3rd book, the character Pat wrote some poems that struck me, like lightning. Like a total surprise I was in tears, while not being able to grasp their cause. The poems comforted me, made me pray after a very long time. Asking questions to the one I call God.
Can I love God again. Can I trust him. Can I truly believe He loves me? Loves my children? Can I really trust Him the life of my children? With all the worries I have about their social and emotional development?
No answers came, but comfort did.
I grew up in a strict calvinist/reformed ilk of dutch christianity. My family and I are still part of a reformed church. Allthough I feel a connection to my local church, especially the people. Somehow I seem to have questions about everything we stand for. I’m not able to share them. Everyone seems to get annoyed and/or uneasy when I try to express them. I’m even an elder, so I should confirm everything we stand for. But no brother or sister seems to understand why I find it so hard to pray. Why I’m not on fire for Jesus. It’s like I’m always on the road towards answers, never resting.
Thanks for meeting me ‘on the road’.

Thanks for writing. I felt the character Pat was very important in that book, and you’re one of the first readers who have written me about Pat or Pat’s poems. It means a lot to me that you noticed this element of the book – and that you felt it helpful. Again, thanks. May you find the Spirit of Christ walking with you on the road.