A Search for What is Real: Finding Faith

This book updates and re-presents the second half of my book Finding Faith. It focuses on ways that sincere spiritual seekers can experience God. It addresses questions like these: How might I experience God? Can I experience God through doubt? How do church and the Bible fit into my spiritual search? What if I lose interest? How can nature and Jesus help me in my spiritual search?
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Publisher’s Summary

There have been times when you’ve felt that if there isn’t a God, there ought to be.
Swept up in the mystery of the night sky, you’ve felt the closeness of its designer. Nature’s extravagant diversity, unfolding in living color, has made you long to know the artist who dreamed it all up. Imagine what that might be like—to actually know God in a way that fills your heart and whispers tremendous value and purpose to something deep within you.
But how can you experience a being you’re not even sure exists? Religious jargon and games can’t satisfy such a longing. It’s got to be real … or nothing at all.
A Search for What Is Real helps you sort through the questions, objections, and concerns that arise when you consider God not as some theological abstraction, but as someone you can actually connect with … and want to connect with, perhaps more than you know.
The Finding Faith books (A Search for What Makes Sense and A Search for What Is Real) don’t try to tell you what to believe; they are guides in learning how to believe. If you think the spiritual journey requires turning your back on honesty and intellectual integrity, these two companion volumes will speak to both your mind and your soul.
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You can read a portion of the chapter entitledHow Might I Experience God?.
A Note from a Reader

We’re getting wonderful feedback on the new format … It’s especially good to hear the books are being used by youth workers and are helping young adults take the faith they received from their parents and make it their own. Equally wonderful – the books are helping adults find faith for the first time. Here’s a note we received recently.
“I just wanted to say thank you for your book, Finding Faith: a search for what is real. I was teetering on the fence, so to speak, and after having read that book, I went and bought the companion to it, and fell off the fence on the side of having faith, finally, after 13 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Keep up the good work!”