Finding Faith

Finding Faith cover I wrote this book for my friends who are searching for God, but find traditional Christian “apologetics” more an obstacle than a bridge. Many Christians, including quite a few pastors, have told me it has helped them too. I think it’s some of my best writing, and may still be the book that I care most about.

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Note: This book has been re-released in two books: A Search for What is Real and A Search for What Makes Sense.

Publisher’s Summary

Finding Faith aims to help spiritual seekers progress through their spiritual search by confronting questions — in non-Christian language — about God, the nature of faith, truth, and religious life.
We are surrounded by evidence of a rising tide in spirituality. We see it in books such as Douglas Coupland’s Life After God; in lyrics from songwriters like Jewel Kilcher, Bob Dylan, and Alanis Morissette; in radio talk shows like those of Larry King and Dr. Laura; in TV shows such as The X Files and Touched by an Angel. The search for a living faith and a spiritually oriented life is alive and well at the dawn of the new millennium.
Perhaps you and your friends are asking important questions like these: Is there a God? If so, what might God be like? What is the relationship between faith and certainty? Can intelligent people believe in spiritual realities without compromising intellectual and moral integrity? Why are there so many religions, and how does one sort through the maze of conflicting dogma to discover a faith that is authentic, honest, enriching, and challenging? Is it possible to experience a relationship with God—and if so, how?
Finding Faith calls you to neither a blind leap in the dark, nor to a cold rationalism that denies your deepest intuitions and spiritual longings. Rather, in the tradition of C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity and M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled, it summons you to reflection and honesty. With logic, passion, and an evenhandedness that the thinking person will appreciate, this book helps you face your obstacles to faith by focusing not on what to believe, but on how to believe.
Whether you want to strengthen the faith you have, renew the faith you lost, or discover faith for the first time, Finding Faith can coach, inspire, encourage, and guide you. And it can help you discover, through a dynamic, authentic, and growing faith, more in life than you’d ever imagined or hoped for.
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