The Voice of Acts: The Dust Off Their Feet

In the entire Book of Acts of The Voice Scripture project, the Jerusalem church is forced to expand against its will. This book applies their story to the emerging church of today. It features a retelling of Acts by Brian McLaren and commentary by Chris Seay.
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Publisher’s Description

This book features:
* Devotional commentary about the early church and its application to the contemporary church
* A paradigm shift from a Jewish church to a multicultural church
* Creative page layout with focus on dialogue and commentary in boxes, side-bar information about the early church.
Reviews from Readers for The Voice of Acts

“Wow! I am a big fan of this series. I really liked the first book in this series, The Last Eyewitness: The Final Week (Voice). I absolutely love this book. Brian McLaren’s masterful translation of Acts is beautiful and poignant. I actually teared up as Stephen was being stoned and asked God to forgive his killers. In addition, Chris Seay adds insightful commentary throughout the text. The second section incudes several chapters by theologians and practicioners that give historical and cultural context to the scripture and even suggest how we as the church might find new life and direction in this powerful section of God’s Word. Seriously, get this book.”