The joy is returning …

A reader writes …

Dear Brian,
with all the hubbub surrounding Rob Bell’s new book, i had to read that one first.
Naked Spirituality sat on the coffee table tempting me like a 4 star restaurant’s dessert tray and now i know why…i only got to PAGE TWO and the laughter and tears began!
Thank You… Thank you for putting into words such a loving and gentle way to shed the all the religious garb and return to God, naked and beautiful.
I really felt a strong hug and gentle push to think that all the religious garbage collected over the years has actually smothered out my walk with the Creator and Lover of my soul…it has, in a sense, made me walk away from God….He is still there but it is my tuner that got turned to low frequency so as not to be hurt again.
the flame is lit…the joy is returning!!
i couldnt put the book down until my eyes closed and i found myself several minutes later asleep on the couch with the book still in my hands…
thank you!!
and best of all…
Love never fails….Love Wins……..lets act like it.
i found that you will be visiting a city near me in October and i am excited!!
i wrote to laci to find out who the hosting party will be and where….you better believe i will be in the crowd on Oct. 6, cheering you on.
thank you so much for the work you are doing….

Thank you for these encouraging words. I’m glad you read Rob’s book first – it’s an important book, and I think the two books work well together. I look forward to meeting you in South Carolina in October.