The Atrocity of “Again” in Trump’s Favorite Slogan

When Trump and the Republicans betray Black Rock for oil, they are returning to an old and bitter story that few Americans have ever really faced. Trump’s docile supporters seem completely oblivious to the reality that America was never great for people of color, and to use the word “again” is like an addict going back to the drug that makes him a danger to himself and others.

Words are cheap, but acknowledgements and apologies are necessary, and I am speaking out with some other Christian leaders to draw attention to the reality of our history. Apologies ring hollow if they stop there; they must lead to learning, empathy, relationship, solidarity, and action.

I hope you will watch these videos – and then I hope you will go immediately to the website of my Navajo friend, Mark Charles, and let him teach you about the story we share on this land known as Turtle Island. I hope you will invite other Christians into this process of acknowledgement and action. “Making America great again” will mean making America more oppressive again if we do not speak, stand, march, and move forward into a better future rather than back into an ugly past.


Here are the videos:

Native American/First Nations Video (1.30.17):

Brian McLaren Native American Video (2.2.17):