Q & R: Women in this conversation


I know this is going to be random, but I thought I might give it a shot.
My name is ??? and I’m 21 years old. I love so much of what Brian (and others) are contributing to the church as a community and how he isn’t afraid to question everything. I could go on about how much I love the conversations that are going on within the church as a whole right now, but that’s not my purpose in writing.
I am desperate to find women who are asking similar questions and engaging in this converstion. There are so many men to look up to and learn from in this conversation, but I don’t know of many women. And it’s not that I can’t learn from men but as a young woman myself I very much want another woman who is asking similar questions, someone to relate to. Within my local church and circle of friends and acquaintances I am the only woman who is passionate about, and engaging in this new messyness that some have labled the emerging conversation. My question is this. Who are the women that are visible in this conversation that I could learn from? I’ve struggled to find them and if there are any women authors or speakers or pastors etc., that you could recomend to me that would be so very much appreciated. I know whoever is reading this must be very busy with e-mails so I understand if you don’t have the time to answer this; however if you do that would be amazing! Thanks for your time regardless 🙂

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R: Thanks so much for your excellent and worthwhile question. Here’s a great place to meet exactly the kind of women leaders you’re looking for:
It’s coming up in a matter of weeks. It would be so good if you could make it to this event – you’ll notice that all the speakers are women. But even if you can’t go, you’ll see some of the tremendous women leaders listed there. Many of them have blogs and books where you can get to know them a bit better.