Q & R: Science and Faith

A reader writes:

I am a 40yr old mother of scientifically minded teenagers. I have been reading your books on “new kind of Christian” as well as many other sources of expanded thinking,such as the Naked Now. My mind is cracking open and I would like to be directed to resources that would expand reputably on the God–Evolution discussions that Neo began. Do you have his teaching syllabus?
There are so many books out there, could you please recommend a few that will prepare us to be God people in the world and especially in the university science world. (Are any written for the adolescent thinker? Really this is where the world will be changed!!) My upbringing has been strongly dualistic and would covet resources to prepare my children for a better balanced and intelligent life.
Thank you for your time I look forward to your response

This is such an important question on 2 levels. First, the issue of science and faith is huge, as you say. Second, the need to target books to an adolescent audience is also huge.
On science, and especially evolution, I am a big fan of John Haught. His “God After Darwin” is a great place to start. There are a number of other helpful writers exploring faith and science from a similar vantage point as well, including my friend Philip Clayton, Keith Ward, Danny Harrell, Ted Peters, John Polkinghorne – I’m sure an online search would turn them up.
The question is how many of these a high school student would find too academic. I would hope a book of mine (the sequel to NKOC) would help in this regard – The Story We Find Ourselves In.
On the related issue of how we read the Bible (science textbook?), my most recent book (A New Kind of Christianity) could be helpful. Just yesterday (I’m at a conference in Boston) a father told me it had really helped his 19-year-old daughter. “This guy understands my questions,” she said.