Q & R: Resources on atonement

Here’s the Q:

Hey Brian! I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your blog, and I’m looking forward to your new book. I was wondering what resources (articles, blogs, books) you would recommend on problems with atonement theory. I’ve been trying to read and understand more about it, as I think a lot of my unrest about my inherited Christian faith comes from those problems. Thanks!

Here’s the R:
First, I’d recommend Tony Jones’ short ebook, available here:
Second, I’d go to the website of James Alison and engage with his brilliant application of Rene Girard to atonement related issues. His CD series – The Shape of God’s Affection – is especially helpful. The work of Tony Bartlett and Michael Hardin will also be helpful.
Third, I hope my new book will also be helpful, especially the chapters on (un)original sin and eucharist.
The big issue – bigger than atonement, in my opinion – is the shape of the biblical narrative. Atonement theories arise within narratives, and I think that behind atonement theory problems are biblical narrative problems, which I address in The Story We Find Ourselves In and A New Kind of Christianity. I’m amazed at how often questions like these come up – a good sign, in my opinion!