Q & R: Go into politics?

Here’s the Q:

my name is AK and come from Germany.
Currently I read your book “Everything must change” and it’s absolutely fantastic!
I hear the podcasts from “Emergent Germany” in which you speak and I must say: WHAT A GREAT AND FANTASTIC MESSAGE!!! THIS IS THE GOSPEL!!! THANK YOU!!!
In Germany I think most Christians are Dispensationalists and they’ve never heared about Rob Bell, N.T. Wright, you and all the others fantastic theologians.
And so I have the urge to make a better world, because in me there is hope. Thank you. I hope many people all around the world see that there is more than to go in heaven. Heaven is good, but its not the end of the world(NT Wright).
But I have a question. Is it good to go in politic? I mean you write that there are many politicians who are corrupt (And I see, it is true). I don’t want to be a member of this corrupt system. I would be happy if you can write a short answer.
PS: I’m sorry for my bad English(I know you were an English teacher). I’m not the best in this subject.

Here’s the R:

Thanks so much for writing. No apologies needed for your English – it was completely clear and infinitely better than my German!
We need people like you in politics – people who want to bring needed change, people who are honest, people who have courage and enthusiasm. We’re in a lot of trouble if we don’t have people like you dedicating themselves to serve the common good.
Of course, the same is true in every profession. We need engineers and architects who realize there are profound moral and spiritual dimensions to engineering and architecture. We need teachers and ecologists and writers and communications experts who do their work with a sense of calling and mission. Farmers who care for the land they farm … computer people who serve important human endeavors … health care workers who see the image of God in every patient … as each of us live our lives as agents of God’s creative commonwealth, empowered by God’s Spirit, the world becomes a little more of what God dreams.