Not Letting God Off the Hook

A reader of Naked Spirituality writes:

I haven’t read any of your books until this one. I have an adverse reaction to Christian bestsellers. I found this one at the library and for some reason decided to check it out. I’ve read the section on Perplexity. While I still say NO it was good to read. I have been saying for some time, “i’m tired of letting God off the hook” – it was surprising to see that line in your book.

Thanks for the note.When I was a teenager and started reading through the Bible, I remember being surprised that “they” let Job, Ecclesiastes, and some of the Psalms into the Bible. Their honesty was quite out of synch with normal religious protocols. Thankfully, on the other side of “When? No! and Why?” is a good place … I hope the book helps you at least get its scent in the air.