No turning back …

A reader in England writes:

After 35 years as a Christian trying to conform and trying to do what a “good Christian” does! I read first “The Story We Find Ourselves In”(April2009) then ” A New kind of Christian”, then “The Secret Message of Jesus ” and then “The Church on the Other Side ” , “Adventures in Missing the Point”, “Everything must change” Like a starved child I could not get enough.
At the same time I became so hungry for the Bible and my ears and eyes were opened in new ways and I found myself bold and fearless, determined to be blessed and to be a blessing. I stepped out in faith as I felt Gods call to go onto the streets call disciples and go about doing good works and to take them with me. A delighted Jesus has danced the road ahead scattering his blessings and touching broken lives as we follow behind seeking to serve, mouths open in stunned amazement! “How did you do that Jesus?”
I cannot believe how he has thrown open doors in the most surprising places and blessed us with His provision, favour, and acceptance. Hearts touched by acts of kindness respond by wanting to help others and the kingdom momentum starts to roll. Thanks Brian there is no turning back. nothing I would want to turn back to. Lord let Your Kingdom come! I am looking forward to hearing you in London in August.