Links Roundup …

Ken Shephard offers a review of philosopher Charles Taylor here. Quotable:

From the vantage point of faith we might recognize in Taylor’s recent work a kind of negative or apophatic theology: in attempting to clarify the stakes of our moral dilemmas today and their connections to one another in a shared history, Taylor has made it apparent that returning to an earlier point in our history is so unlikely as to be impossible, not to say undesirable. What is more, for the Christian this longing for a return rigidly expressed is actually unnecessary: every generation of the church has “realized anew” the meaning of the Christian proclamation. Such creative renewal today confronts the complicated challenge that is our ethical world.

Awkward Silence …a new blog about an ongoing conversation between an Evangelical and a gay Christian.
A hunger strike … to draw attention to the misguided budget cuts being promoted by some of our national political leaders.