Help with your holiday shopping … all for less than $20

(Updated with additional information)
Does someone on your shopping list have a long commute? This Bible overview podcast series could give them twenty minutes of input for 50 days – or a year’s worth or weekly input. (If you’re really cheap – or hard up! – you can give them the first three installments for free!)
Want to give a gift that builds anticipation until March? Give a pre-ordered copy of my upcoming book, Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in Twelve Simple Words.
If you want to give them a companion book that also addresses the spiritual life, Finding Our Way Again would be an ideal option.
How about a college student or young/young-at-heart adult who cares about ecology, poverty, and peace? Everything Must Change would be a great choice – not to mention this collection of songs (CD or download) that serves as a soundtrack to the book.
Also ideal for young adults would be my fictional trilogy:
A New Kind of Christian
The Story We Find Ourselves In
The Last Word and the Word After That
Or you can buy all three for $31.01.
For a thoughtful Christian – or someone who has left the faith – or a pastor or church leader? A New Kind of Christianity, my newest book, would be a great gift.
A lot of folks ask me which of my books is the best introduction to my work – whether for a lifelong churchgoer, spiritual seeker, or anyone in between – and that would probably be The Secret Message of Jesus.
Also …
Glen Soderholm is a gifted singer-songwriter in Canada who recorded a song I wrote called “God Bless the Poor.” It’s on an Advent-Christmas-Epiphany CD you can listen to and order here. It’s a beautiful CD … full of heart and soul.
OK … I hope that helps you with at least a few folks on your holiday shopping list. And don’t forget about these options too.

Some folks have asked for my complete book list:
Church on the Other Side – 1998
A Search for What Makes Sense (Finding Faith) 1999
A Search for What Is Real (Finding Faith) 1999
More Ready Than You Realize (2002)
A Generous Orthodoxy (2004)
A New Kind of Christian (2001)
The Story We Find Ourselves In (2003)
The Last Word and the Word After That (2005)
The Secret Message of Jesus (2006)
Everything Must Change (2007)
Finding Our Way Again (2008)
A New Kind of Christianity (2010)
Naked Spirituality (March 2011)
You can order any of my books online from: