From a South African friend …

I was really grateful for your post about Donald Trump and the evangelical support he is getting. I must confess, as a non-American, US politics sometimes baffles me, but the idea that Trump could be seriously considered as a candidate makes me wonder what American evangelicals are thinking! I mean, seriously? And, if I may be so bold, I wonder how they expect the rest of the world to take America, or evangelical Christianity seriously when they allow themselves to fall into this (what I can only call) ridiculousness. I guess it’s not unlike the strange “marriage of convenience” that has happened in South Africa between one of our better known charismatic leaders and our polygamist and rather sexually promiscuous (over and above his many wives) President! There’s no question in my mind that party politics and institutional religion make dangerous bedfellows!
Anyway, I am grateful that there are voices like yours and Jim Wallis’ to offer some sanity in the madness

Thanks for the encouragement. We’ve got a lot of work to do – wherever we live. (BTW – at the moment I’m writing from a train with wifi in Wales after about 35 hours in transit … )