From a former atheist

I thought I’d include this note with only a brief comment in light of the other post today on atheism …

Hi, I will try to be brief as am sure your growing audience means a great deal of email.
I am a former atheist, now curious explorer of spirituality married to a dedicated Christian here in Winnipeg where you will visit soon. I have enjoyed some of your books a lot and while A New Kind of Christianity had an element I didn’t quite fully absorb there was some reading I found very satisfying having been a participant in the Christian culture (church, friends, etc) for some time.
So my question, are your speaking points for the up-coming visit to Winnipeg geared more at the Christian believer creating further conversation about the faith and the future roads ahead or would it be something someone like myself who isn’t “into” Christianity might also enjoy partaking in?
Anyhow, I know I shouldn’t expect a response given the busy schedule you must have but before I simply brush aside the event and the potential of attending to hear “it straight from the horses mouth” I thought it can’t hurt to try to ask, or at least think out loud about the idea in this email to you.
Thanks for all your effort, I have to admit your writing style, your outlook on Christianity and your ideas certainly contributed to my curiosity about the potential for the faith in Jesus and the concept of God. My kids attend a private Christian school and I was able to accept my wife’s wishes for that largely because of the journey I had taken with your literature apart of that. For that assistance on that journey I thank you. I am a bit of an odd duck and I like to think there is a way to set in motion good things for the generations to come and spirituality can be a big part of that. We spend our summers at the lake camping, fishing, etc and each time I find myself there I feel a real “magic” that makes me so filled with wonder that makes me believe a God is possible.
Anyhow, I am ranting now and I will say thank you one final time and wish you all the best and perhaps I may even see you when you are here.

I think (hope!) I replied directly to your inquiry before I came to Winnipeg … and I hope you found the event helpful. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Like you, I feel that sense of “magic” when I’m in this beautiful world. I understand that many don’t feel that magic, or attribute it to other causes, but for me, it’s a fingerprint of God. Thanks for your encouraging and gracious words.