April Update …

We’ve added a few last minute dates in April, related to the release of my new book, Naked Spirituality. I hope I’ll get to meet many of you this month –

– in Rochester, NY on April 4 – 5. (www.crcds.edu)
– in Boston, MA on April 6 (trinitychurchboston.org)
– in Dallas TX on April 7 (journeydallas.com)
– in Dallas, TX on April 8-9 (www.saintmichael.org)
– in Dallas, TX on April 9 (http://www.smu.edu/Perkins/News/UpcomingEvents/McLaren_Visit.aspx)
– in Louisville, KY on April 10 (http://www.kybf.org/home/2011/3/14/walter-brueggemann-and-brian-mclaren-to-visit-louisville-in.html)
– in Bowling Green, KY on April 11 (http://www.wku.edu/pcal/events-2)
– in England, April 28 – May 2 (http://www.ecgevent.org.uk/)
– in England, May 3 – 5
– in Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 6-7 (symposiums@foundationuniversity.com)

If you’re in the Dallas area, in addition to the book signing events for Naked Spirituality, I especially hope you’ll consider coming to the workshops at Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal, Friday evening and Saturday morning, April 8-9. The registration fee is only $10 for each of the two sessions. These workshops give us the chance to go deeper and have more interaction than we could in a single presentation . You’ll find more information here.