And So Should Be Deleted

I think every bold statement we’ve ever made
Should be qualified by the words, “I think” or
“That’s how I see it right now,” or
“But I could be wrong,” or
After all, how many times now
Has it been brought to light
That we were at least partly wrong
When we knew for certain we were totally
Or maybe every statement should be uttered, you know,
As a question? Inviting confirmation maybe?
Or clarification and elucidation?
Or even counterpoint and contradiction?
Ah, but I know what you’re thinking (I think):
If we speak with qualified hesitation,
Only the unreflective will speak
Boldly and baldly, and then
Only the arrogant will carry
The day.
What do you say?
Maybe the very fact that we speak and write to others
Implies we deem them worthy
Conversation partners and as
Such they will agree,
Disagree; add,
Subtract; qualify,
As needed.
So maybe this poem
Didn’t need to be written
And so should be deleted?