A Reader Writes: I’m not going to quit

A reader writes:

Faith after Doubt... I can’t thank you enough for the clarity you have given me.  You have helped describe my journey and give language to so many things I am experiencing and seeing in the church.

I am the lead pastor of a large (2000 member) church in the south.  As you can imagine, our people are all over the map theologically. Yet, I think we are emerging as a community of harmony through multiple levels of crisis and deconstruction.  The road has been so challenging.

But we are holding. Even more, people like Charis keep finding their way to us. You reminded me not to quit because of her and those like her.

So, I wanted to let you know that you have given me encouragement to hang in there so that there are communities like the ones you describe and envision in your work.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to thank you in person but for now please accept my sincere gratitude.

Thanks for this encouraging note, and I’m so glad you’re hanging in there. We need you and we need churches like yours! I can only begin to imagine how hard it has been – with the pandemic, denominational challenges, and all the rest. I’m so glad that Charis’s story (in Chapter 11) gave you hope. I look forward to meeting in person someday soon so I can thank you – for your important and needed work at this critical moment in history.

If you’re interested in Faith After Doubt, you can order it here.