A note and poem from a reader …

A reader writes:

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your writings at the moment I am reading A New Kind of Christianity and it has brought hope back to my life. I was brought up in a Plymouth Brethen background in the UK and for a number of years I have struggled with my faith but since reading your books and some books from other authors in the postmodern genre, I have felt a great weight lifted from me and an excitement about my faith again. This poem came out of that.

A little acorn of hope grew within my heart
I watered and cared for it and it put roots deep within my soul.
With wisdom, love and my spirit able to be free,
My hope grew so tall and started growing leaves,
Spreading branches to the corners of my mind
Now when the winds of doubt and uncertainty blow through,
I swing and sway but my roots hold true.
Sian Steel Nov 2010

Thanks, Sian. My heritage is in the Brethren tradition as well … “swinging and swaying” is probably a learned skill for both of us! Keep writing –