A good step taken today

You can breathe a little easier.
Thank God, wisdom prevailed and the New Start treaty passed the Senate today. That thirteen Republicans voted for the bill is encouraging, but that the rest did not is disconcerting. The process that has been unfolding over several months has exposed how an issue of this gravity and magnitude can become so highly and dangerously politicized by the extremist, powerful right-wing fringe that has a strong foothold in the US government.
I was a signatory to a document by religious leaders urging ratification. Our document gave a good summary of why this vote was so important:

New START is the successor to President Reagan’s original START treaty, which expired in December 2009. The first START treaty was a historic step in calling a halt to the arms race and giving the U.S. the ability to inspect Russia’s nuclear weapons. Now, for the first time in 15 years, those weapons are going unmonitored and the danger that they could fall into the hands of those bent on terror increases every day. New START is essential to putting U.S. inspectors back on the ground and, according to the Bush appointed head of the Missile Defense Agency, enhances our ability to modernize and improve our existing weapons and missile defense systems.
The treaty has the support of virtually every living Secretary of State and Defense, including Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and James Baker.
No one of good will wants to see the devastation – the loss of life, the destruction of creation, the political and economic fallout – that would occur if a nuclear bomb were to go off on American soil or anywhere. As Christians, we live in the tension between working toward the time in which “nation will not take up sword against nation” and confronting the realities of a fallen world. We wrestle with the Apostle’s conviction that the state “does not bear the sword in vain” and our call to be peacemakers.

If you’d like to stay informed on this important subject, here’s a site I trust: http://faithfulsecurity.wordpress.com/ Let’s keep moving in the direction of peace … through wisdom, justice, reconciliation, and moral courage.