A bit wordy at times …

A reader writes:

I just finished reading a Generous Orthodoxy and I want to thank you for this book. I am sixty years old and have been serving the lord since 1976. Over the past few years I have found myself unhappy with my Christian faith, or should I say organized religion. I felt more and more that we were missing the whole point of what Jesus came to say and do. In the past 35 years I have belonged to two non-denominational churches…tongue speaking , the whole charismatic experience. A Christian husband and 4 children raised in the church. Though I have never heard of you or the concepts you often refer to in the book I have felt it in my spirit for some time. I am developing into one who is finding it desirable to have a generous orthodoxy. I am finding that as I grow in this walk I seem to understand less, or at least what I have been taught. I found your book informative, educational, and encouraging, though a bit wordy at times. I pray that all Christians come to see as you do…it can only get better if they do. Thank you again.

Thanks for your kind words, and sorry about the wordiness. (I felt the same way when I had to read the book aloud for an audio recording!) I think you’d enjoy my newest book, Naked Spirituality – it would help explain your dissatisfaction over recent years. We never grow up, do we? Always learning, growing, changing – whether we’re 6, 36, 66, or 96.