A bit surprised…

A reader writes …

I was at the Faithworks 2010 conference at Enfield, England and really enjoyed the whole experience. I am currently reading my friend’s signed copy of “A New Kind of Christianity” and I am loving it! (The Jesus Question next). I am a bit surprised that more people aren’t talking about such thinking (perhaps I am too far away from London- but I wouldn’t limit Jesus or such thinking to the capital).
I also read the New Kind of Christian trilogy, and wish I had read them 10 years ago- again I am surprised people had not mentioned them before.
It is through working with the Oasis Church Network that I read “So, you don’t want to go to church anymore” (Jacobs?), and then heard about your books. Naturally, with my Oasis UK connections I have read a few of Steve Chalke’s books.
I love the open minded and open hearted approach that has dawned with your writing as well as others, but I fear that there need to be serious breakdowns in more established areas of “the church” for Jesus to be “right here, right now”.
Many thanks to you for your ongoing work and works.

Thanks for your note and encouraging words. The best way people hear about a worthwhile book is by word of mouth, so thanks for speaking up about them.