In this section, you’ll find various videos of Brian speaking. For more videos posted by Brian, you can visit his Vimeo channel and his YouTube channel.
Brian appeared on the Matthew 25 Network’s commercial for Barack Obama.

Off the Map Videos

Several of Brian’s talks, including a video about his book A New Kind of Christian, are on Off the Map’s youtube channel.
Three part series of Video Interviews about Everything Must Change.

Alan Roxburgh sat down with Brian in a hotel room in Toronto at the end of September, days before the publication of Brian’s new book, Everything Must Change. In this first of a three part interview series about his book, Brian talks about dealing with the passionate responses his writing often elicits. Watch the series on Allelon.

Videos about Everything Must Change.

Brian discusses the questions that guide the book

Brian explains where the title of the book came from

You can also watch a reading from Chapter 1 of the book.

Or watch this reading from a chapter entitled Quick Bliss Through Footwear, Palate Grease, and Skin Paint.

Brian asks A New Kind of Question in Chapter 29.

Brian on Larry King Live

You can watch video Clips of Brian McLaren on Larry King Live, February 1st, 2005 or you can read the transcript of Brian McLaren on Larry King Live, February 1st, 2005

Videos on The Work of the People

The Work of the People have three video collections of Brian speaking about Justice, Power, & the Kingdom, The Worship Industry, and Jesus and the Kingdom. You can watch the streaming videos online or purchase the clips through their website.

Brian on A New Kind of Christian

Off the Map Video Clips of Brian McLaren speaking about A New Kind of Christian, new approaches to being a missional Christian, and a conversation with Brian and April Vega