Want to hang out?

One of the things I’m most looking forward to at the first-ever Wild Goose Festival (in Shakori Hills, NC, June 23-26) is the chance to meet folks and hang out. So often when I’m traveling, I’m “on stage” nearly all the time, or am rushing in and out, and this makes it tough to get a chance to hang out in a more relaxed way with folks. But at Wild Goose – especially this first year – we’re trying to have a good crowd but not a huge one, and although I’m “on stage” several times, I’ll also be camping with everybody else and looking forward to throwing a frisbee, taking a walk, catching a meal, and chatting by a campfire with old and new friends.
I think those of us who are part of the first-year gathering will have something to look back on together in the years to come, because my hunch is that everyone who tries Wild Goose once will start building their annual calendar around it.
The lineup includes people from various communities – the arts, writing, spirituality, justice, music, and more. Here are some of the names: T-Bone Burnett, Richard Twiss, Lynne Hybels, Jim Wallis, Michelle Shocked, Derek Webb, David Wilcox … actually, you need to see the names and pictures for yourself here. But the additional appeal of the festival is that folks will all come to share – so bring your guitar, harmonica, kazoo, dancing shoes, magic act, juggling pins, or whatever. This is a festival, not a “conference!”
If you haven’t signed up yet, I know there’s still room – I hope you’ll set aside the dates now and register. (It’s incredibly reasonable – just $149.) While you’re at it, why not be one of the volunteers and get the full experience?