Readers write: We’re using WMTRBW this year

A reader writes:

At first glance, We Make the Road by Walking can look like another new adult study program for the fall. But a few of us see it as a vehicle for understanding who we are and how we can be better used to help fulfill God’s Dream for all.
We’re a small-ish UMC congregation. In our 150 year history, our community has gone from rural farms to a lively , upper middle class suburb, complete with malls, restaurants and two mega-churches. We’ve been coping with all this change by trying to do more of what we’ve done in the past, but we’re down to 50 or so for Sunday worship.
Instead of “just another adult Sunday School program”, we are excited about using WMTRBW as the central church-wide focus for a year. It will be an opportunity for the church to know better whose it is and where it needs to go. Through this commitment, the future can be derived from the bottom up instead the top down. But at this stage, to some it looks scary and risky. It may be a step too far from our familiar words and traditions. It is considered by a few already to be too “progressive”

Another reader writes:

In the July 19 blog posting, Q & R: Church Recommendation?, I was excited to read the following:
“In the last 24 hours or so, I’ve learned of two churches that will be using We Make the Road by Walking for their 2014-2015 curriculum, a “learning circle” forming in the DC area, a college class that will be going through the book this semester, and some groups for incarcerated people. It’s exciting to see!”
We also intend to use We Make the Road by Walking over the coming year at our church. The plan is to purchase a copy for each family to use at home throughout the week, as well as during Sunday worship. We are just starting to set out definite plans, but we intend to use the book with families, with small groups, and with the congregation as a whole (yes, intergenerationally!).
We would absolutely love to hear from other churches that are using We Make the Road by Walking as their 2014-2015 curriculum! Is there a way of getting in contact with them?
If it turns out that other congregations would be interested in joining us on this exciting adventure, please feel free to pass on my contact information.
I am a lay volunteer with special interests in worship design, music leadership, and youth ministry.

Thanks for these encouraging notes. The list of churches I’m aware of that are using the book keeps growing … and I know there are lots I’ve not heard about.
It’s not too late to jump in and use the book for 2014-2015. You can start at Chapter 1 either August 31 or in early September, or you can start at Chapter 14 at the beginning of Advent (November 30).
I recently created a Facebook community page to help people share ideas and experiences using the book. You’ll find it here:
I hope you’ll post your questions and experiences there!