Q & R: The right question!

Here’s the Q:

I loved your presentations [in my city recently]. Life changing.
I have several of your books and I picked up a couple of others you recommended–eg, Eboo Patel, and Jonathan Haidt.
Here’s my question, what resources (blog, organization, etc….) do you know of that is focussed on developing specific skills for becoming Peacemakers.
Yes, “Blessed are the Peacemakers…” However, I now more than ever see that word as a verb…..
I’m a Principal of a middle school and I regularly deal with conflict, anger, power struggles, etc….with children, their parents, teachers, other admin, school board members, etc…..
So, as I was listening to you discuss global issues and community…..I was thinking of starting where I am….not to neglect the global or national concerns at all.
In terms of becoming a Peacemaker….and developing those skills…..in a school, in a home, church, etc….. What skills are we developing? Who can help us?
Active listening, of course. Paraphrasing. Communicating non-violently.
Because our myth stories are so strong, insidious, and invasive…..and the skills of Peacemaking are so fuzzy…..this is a huge challenge for many.
So, insights? Suggestions? Resources?
I know there are many peace sites out there….and many counselors out there with peace curricula. However, I was hoping you might have some insight in to this.
Thanks again for your time at my church…!
I’m a huge fan and will continue to follow you.
Many blessings to you and your family!

Here’s the R:
Thanks for this great question, and for the encouraging words. I’m on a little island in Lake Michigan at the moment without much internet access, so this will be too brief.
First, Eastern Mennonite University has been a leader in conflict transformation and peace studies. I’d go to their website and find as much as you can about resources they offer and recommend.
Second, Parker Palmer has been doing a lot of work on civility. Also check out the Institute for Civility.
But I know there are many more resources that would be especially helpful in your work with middle schoolers and their families. I’m hoping that folks will post some ideas over at my facebook page.