Q & R: Research “emergent church”

Here’s the Q:

I am a pastor in an evangelical church…. I love what has been happening in the emergent church and often feel like I am hiding in the evangelical world as I have experienced persecution for my searching heart and questioning the status quo of evangelicalism for some time.
Anyways, the reason for my contacting you, is that I am writing a theological research paper on the theology of the Emergent Church. I was wondering if you could suggest some theological/scholarly texts that would aid me in the writing of this paper, both sources that would affirm and challenge the theology of the Emergent Church.
Thanking you in advance for any authors or titles you can suggest.

Here’s the R:
I’d begin with two sources:
The Great Emergence
The New Christians
Then I’d follow their bibliographies, footnotes, and Amazon.com links … you’ll find plenty. There are also a number of interesting theses and dissertations being written. It’s a fascinating subject, and I don’t even think the real revolution has yet begun.
You might be interested in my post of a few days ago offering my perspective on what’s developing in the US.