Q & R: postmodern post evangelical?

Here’s the Q:

I am doing my MA in theology right at [a seminary] in Canada. My thesis for it is Christ’s kingship from a postmodern perspective. This research has lead me to discover the emerging church movement, and post-evangelical Christianity. For one of my history topics in school, I’m want to study theologians and philosophers greatly impacted by postmodernity, and post-evangelicalism, and your name came up as a prominent individual in both the movements.
I know you are a busy man and have much on your plate but I would greatly appreciate you telling me how you relate to postmodernism and what your post evangelical faith is for you, and means to you?

Here’s the R:
I think you should start with my book A New Kind of Christian. Then, to explore what “Christ’s kingship” would mean today, I’d recommend Everything Must Change.