Q & R: John 14:6

Here’s the Q:

I trust your journey back from Greenbelt was reasonably straightforward?
I’m just writing to try and catch up with a remark you made during your talk ‘What will become of religion?’ about the text in John not being suitable as one to ‘greet’ folk from a different faith. You mentioned you may comment on your re-reading of it at the end of the talk, however, I was pretty sure I didn’t hear it at the time and I’ve checked the download too 😉 but to no avail.
If it is a topic in one of your recent books then please advise and I will duly purchase!

Here’s the R:
It’s such an important passage. You’ll find where I’ve addressed it here:
And you’ll find references to places I’ve addressed it in my books. One of the challenges in interpreting any verse is the pre-critical assumptions we bring to the text. That’s why I hope my new book can be especially helpful. It offers an overview of the Bible that constructs a different set of assumptions than we normally bring. I hope that will be helpful. And long live Greenbelt!