Q & R: God? Elaborate?

Here’s the Q:

I am writing to you because I would like to ask a question. I am really interested in philosophy and religion.
As we know God is infinite and eternal, could there be several infinite beings? Although we know that God is both personal, immanent and transcendent and the ground of being. So actually not a being at all as such. Would you be able to elaborate on this? I would really appreciate this. Hopefully you will write back to me.
Many thanks

Here’s the R:
There’s a lot of really interesting thinking going on these days about God. Beginning a sentence with “As we know …” about God is quite risky, for many of the things we claim to know may not be so.
I may be doing some writing on this subject down the road, but your question gives me the chance to suggest some really good podcasts from friends of mine that you might enjoy if you’re thinking about God:
Homebrewed Christianity: This is a must-listen for “theology nerds,” hosted by the energetic Tripp Fuller, with amazing guests by his side.
The Robcast – see especially Rob’s sessions with Pete Rollins.
I think you’ll enjoy these resources.