Q & R: Finding a Church?

Here’s the Q:
Thanks for “The Great Spiritual Migration”. I am just starting the last chapter and have been sharing it, inadequately ( I am nearly 90) with our church house group over recent weeks. I am wondering if you can point me to any UK activity of convergence as I have drawn something of a blank online.
In three weeks time I should be visiting my daughter in Florida and am hoping to get to an affiliated church in Spring Hill when I might be able to see something of the movement in practice.
Here’s the R:
In the US, you can learn more about Convergence here:
Here’s a church locator, in its early stages of development:
And here’s information about the Convergence Leadership Project:
In the UK, the closest cousin to Convergence would be Oasis. You can learn more about Oasis here:
Keep up the great work!