Q & R: Curriculum for preachers?

Here’s the Q:

Brian: In your recent clip on working preacher you talked about developing a four year “curriculum” for your preaching and teaching in the congregation.
Would you share what you did in that? It was a very thought provoking idea, especially for a long-term pastor who will probably spend five or six more years in my current parish. Or, if this is covered in one of your books, would you tell me which one?
Thank you for this and for your ministry.

Here’s the R:

This is an interest you and I share, but I haven’t developed the curriculum that I keep wishing for. In a sense, the lectionary sets up a curriculum, but even though I’m a fan of the lectionary in many ways, I keep feeling that we need something more like a catechism – something a pastor like you could use to either start a new congregation or re-orient an existing congregation. This is a project I’ve had on the back burner for a while and I keep accumulating outlines and notes that I hope to some day incorporate into it. John Wesley did something like this, when he published – not an “institutes of the Christian religion” as Calvin did – but rather two years’ worth of sermons that newly minted preachers could read to their congregations.
By the way, for those using the lectionary, my friend Sarah Dylan Breuer has a wonderful resource to help you prepare to preach the lectionary text … here.