Q & R: Bible Overview

Here’s the Q:

Hi there, I’m part of a group of young couples eagerly wanting to
purchase the bible overview series…I’ve noticed that the store has
been out of commission for several weeks, it seems. Can you give me an
idea of when you think I’ll be able to purchase the podcast? We’re
trying to decide whether to go another direction or not…any timeline
would help…thank-you in advance.

Here’s the R:
I’m so sorry about this. The series is being re-mixed and augmented with some questions for individual study and group discussion, and the process has taken longer than I expected. It should be available in a few months. I’m grateful for my colleagues at Life in the Trinity Ministry who are working on this now, and I’ll have purchase info available ASAP. In the meantime, you’ll find a lot of other great resources available at LTM. Again, so sorry for the delay.