From an Almost-Exile from the Church

A reader writes …

I have just finished reading A New Kind of Christianity (10 minutes ago) and I want to express my deep gratitude to Brian for speaking out – in print – ideas that have been ruminating in my soul for a long time. THANK GOD THESE THINGS ARE BEING THOUGHT, SPOKEN AND ARGUED. Brian writes with such enthusiasm about the Jesus life and the Kingdom of God (Jesus version) that I feel like celebrating my thoughts instead of supressing them in fear that they undermine the whole Christian church. Carry on. I, for one, support you – without, of course agreeing with all you say. I will continue to explore possibilities for a new kind of Christianity with you.
A life-long Christian, seminary trained, 20-years a pastor, 10 years an itinerant teacher, multiple-church member & non-member, and almost-exile from the Church.

Thanks so much for this encouragement. And thank God for more and more people who are joining on this quest. Of course we don’t agree with each other on everything – that’s not the point. Once we discover the beautiful melody and rhythm of Jesus and the kingdom of God, there’s all kinds of room for harmony, counterpoint, and improvisation.