Do I Stay Christian? responses flowing in …

It was great to see my new book reviewed in a thoughtful article from National Catholic Reporter. You can read it here. 

It’s also wonderful to receive notes like this …

I simply wanted to say “thank you” for your most-recent book, Do I Stay Christian?. Of course, I’ve been a silent fan of your books. I am serving as an ordained minister in my beloved United Methodist Church connection. I carry fond memories of cherishing your books when I was a college student in Korea. With your books, I find myself nodding head, underlining and writing notes in the book, and taking moments to ponder. I appreciate your sincerity and honesty. I feel you keep in your heart and mind both God’s Spirit and God’s people.
Again, the reason why I took this courage to drop notes this time is because I couldn’t resist myself appreciating the latest-published book of yours which couldn’t be this powerful voice without your courage and love with which you embrace all pains of encountering how you were shaped deeply as a white, straight, 20th-century, American Christian man.
In your confessional, and thus prophetic words, I find answers to why I have been disturbed in my communities of religious leaders. It comes with a better understanding of why the struggles weigh on my inner being: that I cannot find my place in the society and church alike as they in the binary dualistic system seem to force me to choose one side and align every part of mine in the side. I do believe that it shouldn’t, doesn’t have to be not A or anti-A, but the ground, or the embracing space – the next dimension – is what my heart is striving for. And, I believe that my God is such an encompassing God, and it is the One who desires to see all the creatures – all on this beautiful planet – flow and flourish, move and interact freely to the fullest of life.

[In my congregation, I find] myself presenting my deep beliefs in Missio Dei (God’s Mission), panentheism, liberation as salvation, post-colonial practice of faith, and so forth. 

Truly, the book was an awakening call, an eye-opening impulse, and a fresh-look on the matters of faith [for me and those I have shared it with, lay and clergy]. Again, I simply wanted to remind you that there are lovers of your book out here! Lastly, I’d like to say that voices of the oppressed are welcoming you and appreciating your voice of confession!
Overflowing Joy and Gratitude,
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