An Australian Reader Writes …

I have just finished and enjoyed your latest book (Jesus, Moses etc). It made me quite excited as I thought about the kind of church that could have a clear, benevolent identity. I kept thinking (hoping), “The Uniting Church could be like that!”
Anyway after finishing the book I felt like going back to read the “New Kind of Christian” series again, and in reading about Christian judgementalism of those who explore theologically, I felt moved to make sure that you knew how much I have appreciated your work. Your books have regularly put into clear and structured ways the thoughts with which I’ve been wrestling, and have been a useful way to share with friends and colleagues a sense of “where I’m at”.
One further thought. As I was re-reading ANKOC I found myself thinking that although I was enjoying it, I wasn’t being struck by anything I had forgotten, or any new insights. But it struck me that I have been, and continue to be formed by reading stories like these – fictional, or accounts of people’s theological journeys and thoughts. And to re-read the story wasn’t just about making sure I had an analytical grasp on all the ideas in it, but was continuing to immerse me in, and form me in, stories of the kind of Christianity I want to be a part of. And it struck me that that way of thinking about what I was doing, was, in itself, a very postmodern Christian approach.
So “Cheers”; well done, thou good and faithful servant; a sincere ‘thank you’.

Thanks for these kind words! I look forward to being in Australia (Adelaide) in February.